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Photography Class?

To some, photography comes easily...I guess you could say we have a "knack" for seeing things in a different way than some others! Some spend years in school because they love school..Im kind of the opposite. I like to be "hands-on" so to speak. I would rather go out with other photographers and learn their little secrets and see whats new in the digital world.

My brother is an old school photographer, loves black and white, and he will but vintage cameras and film off the classifieds and eBay. I can't even imagine being a wedding photographer back in the day when you didn't see those photos until they got developed and hope and pray that some turned out and didn't get over exposed...etc. I remember taking my film in to be developed and getting back half the photos that actually turned out!

I did take a photography class a couple weeks ago...with ..Christina and Derek are so much fun and so talented. Her photography is and #getcraftyphotographers on Facebook ...I would highly recommend taking any of their classes because they are fun, knowledgable and treat you to their "secrets".

TaTa for now

Laura Bryant

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