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Chance Encounter – The End of a Chapter and The Beginning of a New One

The Unexpected

The months passed and it felt like time stood still whenever we were together. We laughed, we played, we danced, and we made love till all hours of the night. Not a moment passed where I didn’t feel where we were right where we belonged. It was truly magical. I felt like my dream had finally come true. I mean don’t get me wrong we had our little spats, but we never went to bed angry. We stayed at each other’s place more often than not, and life just being this big happy world that was just us. It was the best feeling in the world. Before I knew it I was head over heels in love with him with no hope of coming back. Nor did I want to.

Then it happened. It always happens. Something changed. He got distant. I knew something was up. In fact other than the odd text about two weeks ago I hadn’t heard from him. He wasn’t answering my calls or texts. So I stopped. I honestly thought this was the end. The one thing I vowed never to do is to ever chase a man, so I didn’t. If he wasn’t going to make the effort than neither was I.

I decided that the Friday night that we were supposed to go out for our special dinner I was going to take myself out for the weekend to a hotel for the night, drink wine, watch pay per view movies, and have a spa day to myself. Treat myself to a nice dinner, and just relax. Something I hadn’t done at all in the last two weeks.

To be honest everyone was getting to me. It seemed that there was no way that I could win the last few weeks. My boss was miserable and barking at me left right and centre, my friend were all in foul moods. It was like everyone’s lives were falling apart. I guess that is to be expected with this pandemic. Everyone was exhausted and spent, but so was I. I decided it was time for some self care. For some me time. Time to get away and rejuvenate. So, I booked a hotel outside of town where no one could find me. I packed a bag, stopped at the liquor store, bought myself 4 bottles of wine. Come on, it was only going to be me. Who cares? If I was falling down drunk who cares. At least I was going to be locked in a hotel room for the weekend. I wasn’t going to pay hotel prices. I packed the night before, deliberately shut off my phone at work the next day so no one could try to talk me out of it, and I left straight from work. I got myself on the highway and wouldn’t you know it, I instantly felt better. The farther I got out of city the weight lifted from my shoulders. By the time I got to the hotel, I felt so much lighter. Almost airy. There was a ping of guilt for the people I know that I cared about so much, leaving them all behind for a weekend. As I pulled into the hotel, I remembered what I was trying to forget. That Jason and I were supposed to go on a weekend getaway at the end of the month. I couldn’t help but wonder how he was, but since he obviously seemed to not care about how I was, I decided to push him out of my mind. He wasn’t going to get the best of me. I deserved this.

I parked, pulled my bags out of the car, checked in and settled into my room. I decided to have a nap. Well in hindsight that was a good intention anyway. So much for the wine that night. I slept straight through supper, till the next morning. When I woke up at 9 am I was ready for my weekend getaway, or at least what I had planned for it to be.


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