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Yesterday I Ended My Relationship

It was a tough day yesterday.. I ended a relationship with a friend that I've had since we were 15...a 40 year friendship! We went to high school together, traveled together, she was my maid of honour at my wedding....and we were there for each other raising our children... It might sound trivial, but 5 years ago, I was traveling in Aruba and went to tag her in a post about windsurfing and Facebook wouldn't let me tag her. I didn't think much about it until I was traveling in Vietnam and she called me out of the blue and asked me what I was doing? I replied..."Im in a lineup at a buffet in Vietnam!" "Haven't you been seeing my posts?" It was then that she told me that she unfollowed me because she was tired of seeing all my wedding posts and family photographs..."because that's not really my life." That has really bothered me this whole time because it is my career. Not to mention that I post a lot of things about my family and friends that she doesn't see. She didn't see all my fun and crazy adventures...she didn't see my daughter graduating from Hair Dressing school ...she didn't see that me dog died...she didn't see that my son came home during covid...she didn't see that my mom and dad went to the hospital... Over the past 5 years, we have gotten together once in a while , but its always a struggle. I feel that I'm definitely not a priority in her life as she has different friends and different interests. And that's totally fine, but when you make plans with your "friend" and the day before she messages you to say that she's doing something different now (believe me.. I'm used to this) and I'm left wondering "how long am I going to put up with this"..I'm sorry but I just can't anymore...I don't have the energy to feel like when she has nothing better to do, I'll drive 2 hours to visit her..

Maybe I'm the shit friend...


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