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2023 Has Been an Amazing Year!

I refer to 2023 as a year of pivoting...It seems that a lot of goals we had planned on doing, didn't come to life, so we had to shift our way of approach and take a different path. In January Shawn and I got married in Mexico..I never thought I would ever get married again, but it seemed like the right thing to do and it was fantastic because it brought our families together for the first time in 12 years and they spent a whole week on the beach getting to know each other!

Then Myles got Lucy and we all know how much work a puppy is...and suddenly I was a gramma. I wouldn't change a thing as I love her so much and I get to see my son every day...

Shawn and I were also going to sell our houses and move to Langford because we spend more time driving the Sooke Rd almost everyday anyways and it would be so nice to be closer to all the amenities that Sooke doesn't offer...We ran into a lot of pushback from the District of Sooke because we need to Strata our duplex. Unfortunately the District wants us to put sidewalks, lamp posts, bike lanes...and to remove all our landscaping and underground sprinkler system. The cost would probably be another $50K and about 1 year of work, so we are working on a different approach.

Hailey started full time school for nursing and she seems to love it, so I look forward to seeing her succeed in all that she does, even though its really hard work... She's a tough girl!

We definitely are looking forward to 2024, because we've got some exciting things in store!!


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