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Chance Encounter

Since the beginning of the pandemic, I have all but given up on dating. First it was too dangerous to meet with people. Then when people started inching themselves back out into the real world, even just a little it seemed like guys only wanted one thing. I had given up on online dating all together, taken down all my profiles, and made a firm declaration to focus on me. After all, I had so much extra time on my hands, especially after being let go from my job of several years. The economy just was too hard on the company I worked for, and they like many others went under.

I decided it was time to recreate myself. Cut my hair, color it a new color, start a business, move to a new apartment. You name it, I did it, all in the name of taking care of me. Yet through it all I was still lonely. Feeling better about me overall, but still missing that companionship. I debated going back onto the dating sites again, but just really didn’t feel like dealing with all the creeps that would hit on me day after day calling me ‘babe’, and asking me if I wanted to come over for a late night ‘you know’… So I just decided to wait out my time a little longer, and when the opportunity finally arose for a girls night out since we could get together again I absolutely was a hundred percent in.

The night came for us girls to get together, and I have to admit, I almost cancelled. It had been so long since I had sat in a pub, I actually got a little anxious. So I hesitated, but in the end I made a conscious decision to not let fear get in my way, and decided I was going to go and have some fun. I sat there staring at my closet for about twenty minutes deciding what to wear. In the end I settled for a nice pair of dress capri’s, on off the shoulder blue blouse, some silver loop earrings, and a nice slightly wavy hairstyle. My confidence started to go up about going out. I was feeling pretty good how I looked and felt.

We met for drinks at this cute little pub in walking distance from where I lived. We ordered some appies, and had a few drinks. We talked and laughed so hard. I forgot how good it felt to get out of the house, to be around people that I knew and really let my hair down. I excused myself to go to the ladies’ room, and I have to admit the few drinks I had hit me rather quickly. I wasn’t drunk, well.. maybe just slightly tipsy, so I wasn’t really watching where I was walking. I slammed face first into someone. More specifically someone’s chest.

I quickly pulled back, sweeped my hair back and looked up to see this beautiful blonde man standing in front of me. He had a goatee with his chiseled and distinguished features, and the most gorgeous blue eyes I have ever seen. My stomach did back flips the minute I looked into his eyes. I quickly apologized to him, swearing I must have turned 50 shades of red. Before he could say a word I ran off to the washroom. I was so embarrassed. I am not sure if I was more embarrassed that I ran face first into his chest, or that who I ran into was really, really hot.

Once I was done in the washroom I came back out to the table with my girls and sat down. Still totally flushed from running into that man, I started to gaze around the room non-chalantly and see if I could see him again. No sign of him. The girls and I ordered one last drink, we chatted a little bit longer, listened to some music, then decided it was time to pack up and go home. I looked at my watch, and it was 10:45. I had enough time to hit the liquor store on the way home and grab a bottle of wine. I took one last glance around the room. My heart sank a little. There was something about him I couldn’t put my finger on. I am not sure what it was, but now I wish I hadn’t been so embarrassed, and had taken a moment to talk to him. Maybe I could have invited him and whoever he was with to our table. We paid for our drinks. My heart sank a little as we walked out the door, and I said goodbye to my


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