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Christmas is coming! Are you ready?

Don't get me wrong, I love Christmas and I am one of those very organized people who start shopping in June for Christmas presents..I gather that's not the same with everyone! I did a family photoshoot at Fort Rodd Hill the other day and everything was perfect, including the weather! The kids were lovely and did as they were told, and had fun at the same time. A couple days later, the mom text me asking if she could have her photos ASAP because her photobook company sent her a coupon for getting her photobooks done for Christmas presents. Hey... I"m all for saving money and when it comes to 50% off... thats a good deal!

I sent her photos to her via Dropbox and she was so happy because apparently she gets 5 books done every year and "I" saved her $250... She was so thankful, that she gave me a 5 Star review on my Facebook page!

You've got to love that because when you are self employed, it all helps!

Anyways, if you want to get that certain someone who has everything... they probably don't have an updated photobook with your lovely children in it! Or you can always get them gift cards for their favourite restaurants!

That always works!

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