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Wedding Flowers

It was my last wedding for the year last night! YAY! I'm not really sure why I'm so excited by this...maybe because it was my longest wedding (9hours) or because I can now chill until April, when I have my next wedding!

The wedding was close to my home here in Sooke B.C. Canada and maybe that makes things a little easier. It was held at the Sooke Prestige Oceanfront Resort, where Nicki and Jay (event co-ordinators) did a fabulous job setting up the whole occasion from chairs, tables, and food.

Brenda Parkinson was the Officiant, who is always on point with her ceremony script and Karen, who prepared all the centrepieces and bouquets from "A Sea of Bloom", which is local here in Sooke.

I saw the bouquets and center pieces when Karen brought them in and thought they were so beautiful, and wondered where she had to go to get such elegant flowers... The Bride said that its very hard to get blue flowers in November! I had never thought this would ever be an issue, but apparently it is. The Bride felt very lucky to have her pretty blue arrangements.

If any "Brides to Be" out there are in need for that something special for their wedding it safe and call Karen!

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