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Missing those Days

Since we just finished Halloween and of course it was fun, I still miss the simple days when the kids were young and they would get so excited about dressing up and all the candy!! Oh the candy! I grew up in sooke and Halloween was always so much fun and my kids carried on the long tradition of watching scarey tv shows and the toughest decision was what to wear for Halloween... it would start about a month before and my kids would decide on a costume. I would usually make it for then including picking out the right fabric from the cloth castle and sometimes it was easy enough to just get them to lay down on the fabric and I would cut all around their little bodies, sew it up and they would be so happy! And of course 3 days before Halloween, they would be excited about a different costume and want to change it! Omgoodness are you kidding me and I’d end up making something else or they’d choose something else from the tickle trunk from previous Halloween stuff.. lol even though sometimes they drive me crazy, I miss those days

Photo credit @brianrundlephotography

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