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You don’t have to be the same

You don’t have to be the same as your partner... you don’t have to match...wear the same clothes or like the same things. Honestly, I think its probably easier if you do like the same food and music, because that way, it saves making 2 different meals and fighting over the radio station!

Shawn and I enjoy the same music, like to travel, but I also think we are pretty easy going people, plus we don’t have kids at home and we all know that’s a huge fight producer.

When we travel, I never unpack my suitcase, where he puts all his clothes in the dresser and closet.

I’m a little more outgoing and energetic, where he is more conservative and relaxed.

He folds all the laundry like Sheldon from Big Bang Theory, and I don’t, lol

He likes order in the cutlery drawer and I don’t really care.

Bottom line is we both respect each other’s differences, even though we may poke fun at the other ones idiosyncrasies

At the end of the day, we are all different but we make sure that we make it work.

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