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We started out friends from another

A holiday gift from a brother

The good party trend on the coastline

Drive my Tesla like a holiday tradition

In one evening, I fall with temptation

like raindrops on a dance floor

My Westcoast soul is drenched in your hidden cave

We are here to discover the realm of a beautiful life

The British are coming

Images roll through my curious mind

Your coat of arms is King

Jack of all trades

I'm the storyteller and you're the Player

Diamonds and Gold

Sweat and Fever

Playing in the Worlds sandbox is a privilege not only for the rich


ut lovers of the courageous spirit

Whirling fire of the wicked comes this way

Trumped by desire

Distracted by beauty

Love prevails

The Amazon snake strikes but softens

By the waves of five stars

Ten thousand hours

Flights of exploration

We are Rulers of 2019

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