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Todays Adventures

Do you ever wake up in the morning and have so many things going through your mind, that you don't know where to start? Today is one of many...One thing is for sure, I will take Georgia for a long walk because I seriously need to exercise because this covid 10 pounds will never leave me and she pesters me until we go. I was inspired to go for a hike with friends because of the gorgeous weather lately but everyone is either working or doesn't like the I saw a post from my photography friend in Uclulet who was talking about searching out queen bees on social media and how it can be beneficial for your marketing strategy. That got me blogging...Oh how I hate blogging. I need so much help with this, but here I am trying at least.

On the other hand, with this west coast weather, my own photo shoot was cancelled due to the rain. Taylor Whitley from @secretwaters is one of Victorias coolest photographers and I was so looking forward to the shoot! It will happen, but for now I will get out in the rain with Georgia!


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